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This is the contact post / HMD for Zelgadis Greywars at [community profile] poly_chromatic and [community profile] octacore. Feel free to leave any feedback, comment here to poke me for threads, ask questions, anything!

If you prefer other methods of contact, I can also be reached at:

Plurk: [plurk.com profile] lenainverse; private plurks for non-friends are activated, though pings are not. Second best way!
AIM: lenasillfame -- I am usually invisible and sometimes not at the computer but you can certainly give it a shot.
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((OOC: This is the IC inbox for Zelgadis Greywars at [community profile] octacore, for non-network communiques. Please do not use this for [community profile] poly_chromatic.))

((All letters and IC communication can be left here!))
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| CHARACTER NAME: Zelgadis Greywars
| CHARACTER SERIES: Slayers (Evolution-R)

| Backtagging: Absolutely! I backtag forever. If I didn't tag back please do poke me, since it likely just means it got lost somehow.
| Threadhopping: If it's to tag me anywhere, no need to ask at all. If you want to threadjack someone else on my post, still no need to ask but I'd prefer it not turn into a huge long action thread I have no interest in getting notifs for. Unless it's a mingle, then jack away!
| Fourthwalling: If it happens to come up ICly permission would be great! If it's a joking mention in the brackets or something though, I highly encourage that and no need to ask.
| Offensive subjects: Pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes they come up but please don't intentionally do it without there being an IC reason. (Chances are it'll make Zel just as uncomfortable as me XD )

| Hugging this character: He will likely be startled! Also for the record, his skin is stone and so it's sort of uncomfortable, but his skin is not cold like a regular stone. It's warm, and the flats of the stones are smooth with the only rough points being at the juncture of the pebbles.
| Kissing this character: He will flush and freak out but it's fine by me!
| Flirting with this character: Please do.
| Something more intimate: ahahaha if you can talk him into it, by all means. It might hurt though because, stone skin.
| Fighting with this character: Definitely! At your own risk, he's pretty powerful.
| Injuring this character: It's not going to be easy given his stone skin, so please give me a poke first and let me know what you're tossing his way. I'm cool with injuries but I want to make sure the action would actually hurt him!
| Killing this character: Yeah we should talk about that first. XD
| Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Fine by me! The only reason I'd want to know is so I can provide you more extensive details of his thoughts and feelings in my tags. Notably, if he finds out he will be PISSED.


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